Wednesday, August 22, 2018

BPL Perspectives: Joan Black, Crochet Instructor, Has Been Teaching the Art of Crochet at West End Library for Eight Years

Joan Black was taught the art of crocheting by her family when she was in the fourth grade. Black, 76, has now built a loyal following sharing her gift with others who take advantage of a free weekly crochet class she has hosted every Tuesday for eight years at the West End Branch Library.

“We have such fun,” Black said. “It’s a class for ladies to get together. We welcome gentlemen; my sons know how to crochet too.“

Black said the class began after she dropped by the West End Library one day to check out a book and struck up a conversation with Denise Ford of the West End Library, who was admiring her socks. After finding out Black made them, Ford asked if she would teach a crochet class at the library.

Participants modeling crochet wear they learned to make at Basic Crochet classes

Eight years later, Black says the class has grown and generated new friendships. The class makes all types of garments—socks, blankets, animals, even clothing such as a skirt, shirt, and crochet sweater.

“I have been blessed to have a friend, Ms. Lillie Glenn, who taught me how to make garments such as this,” Black said, modeling her outfit. “I am so proud of it.”

Black added, “We enjoy coming to the West End Library. It is such a warm, pleasing, welcoming environment. The employees here make us feel so welcome. We miss it whenever we don’t get a chance to meet. You better come out and join us.”

Basic Crochet meets at the West End Library on Tuesdays at 10:00 a.m.

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