Five Points West Library Offers Series of Classes on Building Websites

by Sam Medlin, Five Points West Regional Branch Library

The Five Points West Regional Branch Library has begun a new series of classes on website building. This course offers insight into websites and how to create them. If you ever wonder why certain websites look great, how Google finds the information you are looking for, or how to make an online marketing platform to reach customers for your small business, this class is for you.

HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language. Anytime you “surf” the internet you are being redirected to a multitude of computers that contain HTML code. This code is then accessed by your browser (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, etc.) and turned into a picture, sort of. This picture is a website. This website is written in HTML. Seems complex, I know, but, like any other language, when you learn how it works it becomes easier to understand. Like baking a cake or fixing a car, you don’t have to know the exact chemistry of what you are working with to make the cake delicious or the car crank up. You just need a recipe or manual!

This course is your recipe book. If you want to see a little of what you will work with, a website that you can visit to experiment with HTML coding is They have a big green button you can hit to “Try it Yourself.” This magic button will show you what the code looks like as a picture. It is as easy as paint by number. Who doesn’t like a good paint by number, huh?

The course starts with an explanation of HTML in the real world then transitions into an arts and crafts class, where you will be able to browse the internet’s best designed websites and then draw your own ideas. After that, the instructor will help guide you through common terms and practices that will make your ideas come to life, right in front of you! Paint by number, I promise.

So, if you want to learn more about this amazing topic, gain a skill that you can "wow" your friends with, or you just need to make a place to market your business, please visit or contact the Five Points West Library and sign up for this new and exciting course. See you there!

Schedule of classes:

Learn HTML w/ Sam
September 6, 4:30-5:30 p.m.

Materials on HTML and website building on the JCLC catalog.