Meet Patricia Campbell, Author of Pocket Inspiration: 31 Days of Inspiration

Patricia Campbell

Books: Pocket Inspiration: 31 Days of Inspiration, one of several authors featured in the best seller 1 Word, Discover, Reflect, & Connect with Words That Can Transform Your Life
How to reach the author: email:; website:; Facebook: Minister Patricia Campbell; Instagram: MinisterPatricia; Twitter: AuthorPatriciac; LinkedIn:
Quote Campbell uses as a guide in life: “In today’s society, many times we become so focused on ‘me’ that we forget about the real joy in life! Early on in life, a very great woman imparted to me this simple motto from a song written by Alma Bazel Androzzo: 'If I can help somebody as I pass along, then my living will not be in vain!'"

If you need to be inspired, join Patricia Campbell at the Birmingham Public Library 2018 Local Authors Expo as she shares the vision behind the spiritual devotional she has written, Pocket Inspiration, 31 Days of Inspiration.

Campbell will sell autographed copies of her book and discuss her contributing co-author role in the best-selling book, 1 Word, Discover, Reflect, & Connect with Words that can Transform Your Life.
Pocket Inspiration is a pocket-sized devotional invitation to spend the next 31 days in strategic prayer and bible study. The book guides readers on how to delve daily into provocative meditation and prayer that maximizes their time with God.

A woman of God in touch with the pulse of the spirit, Campbell is a teacher, conference speaker, intercessor, prayer warrior, and minister of the gospel at the Tower of Prayer in Leeds. She is the founder of Life Ministries, a Birmingham ministry whose assignment is to empower the body of Christ to live in fullness and excellence.

When she is not helping others as an inspirational coach, mentor, and business consultant, Campbell enjoys spending time with her daughter April, her granddaughter Shriya, son-in-law Herbert, and her extended family. Her hobbies include writing, reading, bowling, and traveling.

Campbell will be among 39 authors at the Birmingham Public Library 2018 Local Authors Expo on Saturday, August 11, 9:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m., in the Central Library Grand Reading Room. Come take advantage of this opportunity to hear Campbell and other authors share writing tips and buy autographed copies of their books at this great event. For more information, visit