The Diversity of Podcasts

by Jenn Seiler-Patrick, Five Points West Regional Branch Library

I’m a podcast fanatic and am always searching for a new one to binge listen to. If you’re into listening to audiobooks, storytelling, or the radio, podcasts might be the thing for you too! One of the best parts about podcasts is the diversity—almost anyone can make one with very little equipment and talk about anything they like. For me, this has resulted in a greater understanding of and appreciation for those different from myself.

All that to say—here are some recommendations!

True Storytelling

Ear Hustle – A truly unique podcast produced and written by inmates incarcerated at San Quentin. Inmates share their stories, which are sometimes sad but often funny.

Reply All – Weird things happen in our modern world all the time and this podcast seeks to figure out why. Some of the episode topics include: Facebook spying, the New York Pizza Rat, micro-dosing on LSD, and a computer dominatrix.

Fictional Storytelling

The Black Tapes and Tanis (sister-podcasts) – These two creepy, paranormal podcasts will keep you coming back to figure out their mysteries. Don’t listen before bed!

Homecoming – A very well produced, acted, and written podcast, Homecoming drops you into a mystery featuring the voices of several well-known actors. Missing memories, corporate corruption and government interference galore!


A Very Fatal Murder – For the more advanced podcast listener, this satirical podcast by The Onion features a journalist trying to solve a crime. If you liked Serial, or any other true crime podcasts/documentaries, you’ll get a kick out of this one.

2 Dope Queens – Comedian BFFs, Phoebe Robinson and Jessica Williams, host a hilarious comedy show with some of your favorite funny people as guests. No topic is off-limits for these hilarious ladies!


Pod Save the People – DeRay Mckesson hosts this podcast that discusses culture, news and social justice with diverse experts and leaders. Learn a lot about what is going on in our country and how to be a better citizen and ally.

Dear Sugars – In the form of a “Dear Abby” column for your ears, the two hosts answer listeners’ deepest, darkest questions with empathy and kindness.

Finally, BPL can also help you out if you’d like to share your own podcast! Here are some books that can be checked out from the library:

Expert Podcasting Practices for Dummies by Tee Morris
Podcasting Bible by Mitch Ratcliffe
Create Your Own Podcast by Matt Anniss