Meet Avery Hurt, Author at BPL 2018 Local Authors Expo

Avery Hurt

About Author Avery Hurt
Books: Coping with Hate and Intolerance (Rosen, 2018); Confronting LGBTQ+ Discrimination (Rosen, 2018); Rosa Parks (Rosen, 2018); Dinosaur Records (National Geographic Kids Books, 2017)
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Quote Hurt uses as a guide in life: "What I've come to learn is that the world is never saved in grand messianic gestures, but in the simple accumulation of gentle, soft, almost invisible acts of compassion." – Chris Abani
Quote from Hurt about being involved in Local Authors Expo: “This is my second Author Expo at the Birmingham Public Library and I am very excited. I always enjoy meeting other readers and writers, and so appreciate the Birmingham Public Library for all it does to support us.”

Birmingham’s Avery Elizabeth Hurt began a passion for writing books and magazine articles for adults several years ago. Whenever she encountered a totally new topic, she would go first to the children's section of the library to learn the basics. She was impressed with what she found there, and pretty soon developed the urge to write for children.

"In the past few years, I have written many science and history books as well as magazine articles and science fiction short stories for kids of all ages—although I am at my best with middle grade and young adult readers,” Hurt said. “I have written about all kinds of things from dinosaurs to climate change, but it seems like my books often come back to what some might call 'social justice issues.' I hope that by showing readers the struggles others have gone and are going through to help make the world a better place, my books will help them learn how they can make the world a little bit kinder."

In addition to reading and writing, Hurt enjoys cooking, riding bikes, and hiking at Ruffner Mountain. She lives in Birmingham with her husband and cat.

Hurt will be among nearly 40 authors at the Birmingham Public Library 2018 Local Authors Expo on Saturday, August 11, 9:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m., in the Central Library Grand Reading Room. Come take advantage of this opportunity to hear Hurt and other authors share writing tips, and buy autographed copies of their books at this great event.

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