2022 Local Authors Expo Spotlight: Corey McKinney


Foster parenting is an important need in today's society. Corey McKinney has written a new book,  Foster Dad, that explores the subject from a father's point of view.

Come meet McKinney at the Central Library between 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. this Saturday, November 5, at the 2022 Birmingham Public Library Local Authors Expo.

 Learn more about him by reading this Q&A below.

 BPL: Tell me about your books. 

McKinney: Foster Dad is a true inspirational story that promotes fostering, adopting or just helping kids in general. It details eight years of fostering from a fathers perspective. The book will make you laugh, cry but leave you with a smile on your face. Coach Daryl’s Colts is also a true inspirational story about the best youth football team and coach of all time The team record was 89-1 over six years. It displays the how we all can make a positive impact on lives by going the extra mile.

BPL:What inspired you to write your book(s)? 

McKinney: By wanting to motivate and inspire others. 

BPL: Who is your favorite author and why?

McKinney: Tony Evans due to his inspirational messages.

BPL:  Any advice you would give for new authors or those desiring to become an author? 

McKinney: I hope everyone will see that the true way to receive your blessings is by going the extra mile for others.